Smart Home

If you want to make your home a smarter and more connected place, do not miss these devices and gadgets for the home.

Technology surrounds us and we love it, we practically live with it in any of its forms and it is difficult to imagine our day to day without devices such as our Smartphone, a computer or without Internet.

Although the concept of home automation has been around for years, now more than ever is when we find many technological products for the home and, most importantly, able to interact with each other and with other services thanks to the rise of the Internet of Things .

Cameras that monitor what matters most to us and warn us of any risk, automatic sensors, products to keep the house clean effortlessly, gadgets to save and much more.

Some of these devices are:

1. Smart and connected cameras

The security cameras for the home are not exactly new, but in recent years we have seen how the models have been gaining not only functions, but also in design to be fully integrated into the houses and blend in with the decoration.

What do these smart cameras offer us? As a general rule they are connected by Wi-Fi to the home or office network, so we can see at any time and from anywhere through the mobile what is happening in one or another room. There are many models and a variety of prices.

A very complete option is the Netatmo Welcome, with extreme ease of use and with details such as facial recognition or night vision.

The most affordable alternative is the Yi Dome 360, also with night vision, internal storage by microSD and in the cloud, as well as different mounting options.

2. Wi-Fi video door phone

An extension of the previous cameras are the smart video door entry systems. Models such as Ring Automotive are able to detect movement in outdoor environments, sending alerts to the Smartphone at all times.

Of course, they serve as video door entry systems. That is, if someone rings the bell, we will see it directly on the mobile and we can speak for it as if we were really there.

3. Smart lights for home

We turn to lighting, luckily the LED technology floods our homes allowing us to save at the same time we get good quality light and lower consumption. However, you can give a unique touch to one of those rooms using intelligent lighting that you can control at all times, adapting it to each situation.

In this segment, Philips and its product line Hue are the kings: lamps, light bulbs, LED strips and a great integration with services like IFTTT that allow us to create automatic recipes (for example that the garage lights come on when we approach home).

Control from the Smartphone, with voice assistants, paired with other products ... intelligent lighting systems give a lot of play and here we talk more about them:

4. Robots vacuum cleaners

Technology can also keep your house sparkling while you're not there or, when you're there but you do not want to be the one who spends half the morning cleaning.

In the field of robot vacuum cleaners there is a brand that stands out and has done a great job in recent years: Roomba. They have several models of user needs, but beware that the competition has put the batteries. Models of robot vacuum cleaners from LG, iLife, Vileda or even Xiaomi (here a full analysis of the Mi Vacuum) have a lot to say.

5. Smart plugs to control anything

How to give an intelligent touch to a device that, a priori, is not? Starting by controlling what you need most: your energy. Smart plugs come into play here.

We can divide the category of plugs between those that are limited only to being wireless, that is, that we can control remotely by means of a control command, and those that add intelligent functions, with remote control from the Smartphone, programmable and capable to integrate with other devices.

6. Intelligent thermostats for energy saving

One of the objectives of putting more technology in the home and creating intelligent environments is to achieve more efficient spaces in all senses, capable of adapting depending on the situation. Intelligent thermostats play a key role in reducing energy expenditure at home.

With them you can create personalized heat programs, you can control the heating from anywhere, adapt when there is, or not, people at home and according to external conditions. The best known are the Nest models, which arrive in Spain right now, but the Netatmo is also very interesting and can be combined with its own intelligent valves for radiators.

7. Canary security system

The Canary Security System is part of the new wave of integrated intelligent security solutions for the home. It has motion-activated recording system, real-time video in high definition, and can connect automatically with local authorities. The Canary system sends you videos in the event of any irregular activity that occurs both in your home and in your surroundings, and uses integrated sensors to report the values of ambient temperature and air quality. As is usual in state-of-the-art intelligent technological devices, it is available in a mobile application for both Android and IOS systems, which send instant alarms. Veisure direct is a well-known alarm systems provider in Spain, and it is possible to consult online all types of opinions about Veisure.

8. iKettle

The rise of connected devices and mobile applications has brought a wide range of smart devices that make everyday tasks easier, such as boiling water for cooking or making coffee. The iKettle stainless steel teapot has Wi-Fi, allowing it to be turned on and off from any room in the house, as well as the ignition schedule through an app. It incorporates notices that are received once the water is boiling, and a range of different temperatures to choose from.

9. iRobot Roomba

The iRobot Roomba is a new cleaning device that allows you to clean floors every day, simply by pressing a button. Roomba robot incorporates iAdapt 2.0 navigation technologies and moves completely autonomously throughout the house, both on smooth surfaces and on carpets and carpets, and in narrow spaces. There are four different models - 650, 860, 880 and 980, each with different levels and options of intelligent technology. The highest in the range - the 980 model - has two hours of autonomy, an automatic recharging system and automatic cleaning restart to ensure that the entire surface of the floor is covered.

10. Philips Hue Starter Kit

Phillips is changing the way we interact and use the lighting systems, thanks to the Hue Starter Kit. This product applies smart technology to LED bulbs, with 16 million color patterns, which allow the user to change the appearance, brightness and color depending on the mood or the occasion. The lights can be synchronized from an application for Smartphone, receive notifications on the phone, and interconnect up to 50 bulbs to have a complete and modern system.

11. Nest smoke detector

Gone are the days when it depended on the alarm sound of smoke detectors and other emergencies. The new Nest smoke detecto, is able to speak with human voice when it detects a problem, and to send alarms to a Smartphone or tablet, from which they can be deactivated and silenced. It also has indicators of carbon monoxide and smoke levels.

12. Belkin WeMo plug

Smart technology has even reached devices as simple as plugs and sockets. The Belkin WeMo smart plug can be connected to any appliance such as a lamp, stereo, TV, stove or fan, and can be turned on and off remotely via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G.

And you have already begun to give a 'smart' touch to your house? We remind you that you do not always have to spend a fortune to have a more connected home, here we review other gadgets that cannot be missing in your living room and they are great.