Latest Gadgets

Technology advances indisputably every year. Everyone feels, as time goes by, that the world will no longer be as before and that thought is becoming reality. Every time a year is born, expectations appear next to the news. When I talk about the news, I'm talking about mobiles, artificial intelligence and reality; All these items have obtained incredible results.

Experts say that the latest gadgets 2018 will be better than the previous year, and the next may happen the same. Many well-known brands seek to stand out in the entire market, making known the new gadgets, to transform smart homes, cars that handle themselves, augmented reality, video, phones and so on.

If you were one of those people who thinks negatively about technology and its progress, you're wrong. In the article, I will show you 5 top gadgets of this wonderful year that awaits us all.


One of the novelties gadgets 2018 are these smart shoes, which can detect a fall of the person by the accelerometer, pressure system and gyroscope, which, at all times, are on alert to show alerts. It also has a GSM chip and a GPS that fulfill the role of advising if the person needs help. It is estimated that they will cost around $ 100 or $ 150, in addition to $ 20 per month to have the alarm installed.


It is a device that takes the form of a stylus; It calculates with exact precision the different measurements of objects in the whole world, be it a person, a vehicle, etc. After measuring this object, it will save all the information and when it is connected to a telephone, it will be revealed.


It could be framed in one of the curious gadgets what I will tell you next. Thanks to people who, at one time, worked for the big companies of Apple and BMW, we can have this extraordinary vehicle that is composed of bytes. Up front, you can find an excellent touch screen, which will make you imagine the feeling of the companions and drivers that are inside the conventional vehicle. You can believe it? It's something amazing.

Latest Gadgets Byton

On the back of all seats, you can find a screen; You can see calendars, video clips, maps and medical data. Also in the center of the steering wheel lies a Tablet. In addition, the cameras that the vehicle has inside can verify the driver to load the configured profile, adjusting all the characteristics.


Curious Gadgets Cloi

LG unveiled a robot called CLOi that will transform into the incredible center of intelligent housing. People may request configurations of different objects; washing machine, air conditioning, etc. In addition to the robot, ThinQ was also announced, a platform that acts as a seal for electronic products and appliances that have artificial intelligence. Surprising the news gadgets you're reading?


Other new gadgets are these headphones that can adjust the sound depending on the person, their sensitivity and their hearing. Also, clearly, it will improve the quality of the sound. The cost is only 400 dollars. What do you think about the latest gadgets that appeared in the market?


Did you think there were not 2018 gadgets yet? As I told you; This year is very loaded with respect to technology, making you think that 2017 does not compare in anything. To finish with this excellent top, I'll show you Buddy.

New Buddy Gadgets

Buddy is a robot that acts as a personal assistant. The functions that it has are: Making calls, searching through the internet, checking the time, etc. The great thing about this robot is that it thinks about the family, entertaining the children with different games and so on. The face of the robot is tender. It can interact with devices that have artificial intelligence and monitors the home.

The AR4X security camera

This camera seeks to be the best way to care for the home, as it is able to identify faces, people or cars, to protect homes. This is possible, as you imagined, thanks to artificial intelligence systems and facial recognition. The idea was initially presented on Kickstarter, and the first shipments are expected this month.

Smart navigation for motorcycles

Nuviz is a $ 700 display for motorcycle helmets that offers navigation, an integrated camera, music, and many functions for the driver. This system is integrated into any helmet for motorcycles, without the need for cables or unsafe complications. Everything is unified in the device. Thus, the trips become more calm and safe. Elements such as music and navigation maps, among many others, will be seen in the viewer.

Purchases, more technological than ever

Aipoly is not exactly a gadget , but it wants to change the way we shop. The system offers artificial intelligence in an app that replaces cash registers in stores. It's similar to the concept of the Amazon-free store in Seattle. But it goes further, because it is unified with major chain stores in the United States such as Best Buy and Target. The whole system to achieve this app is fascinating, because it uses cameras, photo recognition, machine learning, among many other techniques.

L’Oréal UV Sense

L’Oréal’s UV Sense is a tiny sensor capable of detecting ultraviolet exposure that’s small enough to wear comfortably on your fingernail. The sensor itself is battery-free and includes an NFC antenna, a temperature sensor, and a UV sensor.

That sensor, which can store up to three months worth of data, passes information to the accompanying app whenever the wearer holds the device close to his or her smartphone. The app keeps track of your exposure levels and can provide tips for managing sun intake.

While the UV Sense is designed to be worn on your nail, L’Oréal will also be releasing accessories so that users can wear it in different ways, too. The beauty company worked with designer and entrepreneur Yves Béhar on the product, in part why it resembles nail art rather than a piece of wearable technology.

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s Google Assistant-powered Smart Display feels like a sleeker, more attractive Amazon Echo Show.

Like Amazon’s touchscreen-enabled Echo, the Smart Display is a voice-activated computer with a screen for displaying supplementary information. When asking Google for restaurant recommendations, for example, the Smart Display will pull up information about nearby eateries.

However, there are three key advantages Lenovo’s Smart Display has over the Echo Show: It can play YouTube videos (unlike Amazon’s device), it includes a larger screen, and it has a more polished design that more easily blends into the home.

Honda 3E Robotics Concept

Honda’s new concept robots may be just as cute as they are useful. At CES, the company showcased its 3E Robotics concept, which includes several robot companions all designed to serve different functions.

Robot 3E-A18 is Honda’s social empathy robot. The company says it’s meant to represent the idea that robots can support people by providing a sense of compassion and understanding. In a demo at CES, the roving robot’s glowing face frequently changed its expression as it greeted the crowd. Honda’s 3E-B18, comparatively, is a robotic chair concept, while 3E-C18 includes cargo space for transporting materials.

Samsung’s “The Wall” TV

According to Samsung, TVs shouldn’t have to be just one size. That’s the idea behind its new 146-inch TV called The Wall, which the company is positioning as the first “modular TV.”

Samsung says users can alter the size and shape of The Wall so that it can function as a multipurpose display. In a demo on the showroom floor, the TV displayed what looked like a smaller TV in the center of the screen, while the surrounding area was set to blend in with the wall the TV was mounted on. And since the TV uses MicroLED technology, it should be able to produce even deeper black tones and potentially infinite contrast.

I have already showed you the latest gadgets in 2018, which will make you realize what progressed and advances the world during the 365 days that has the year. If you think about the beginning of the year 2017, you will realize the abysmal difference that exists in all technology. Do not be surprised if new projects are born during the year Everything is possible!

The 2018 gadgets come with great force and will change the world, they will leave you stunned. If you want to know more about this whole world, I recommend you look for information constantly on the internet, since it is a very useful tool.