Alexa Ranking

To become something you have to measure yourself, compete, fight a duel with your rivals and defeat them until there is nothing left of them but a mountain of ashes. The business world is highly competitive, comparable to a speed test in which the latter is doomed to eternal failure. Who will win the race to success?

In new business initiatives that move in the field of internet (so - called start-ups) the competition is even fiercer, if possible. The entry barriers in online businesses are small and the exit doors are bigger than those of the cathedrals. For the most "physical" businesses, if I need to know if my competition sells, I just have to walk around your store as a client to do my research, but in online sales there is no way to know if they sell more than us . In those terms, who is the best?

Many analysts give a lot of credit to the ranking of web pages offered by the portal. In the aforementioned list, the first positions are occupied (of course) by Google, facebook and YouTube. If our page has many visits we can have the luck to find it below the million (the less, the better) and if it is among the hundred thousand best we can give ourselves with a song in the teeth, since the ranking is worldwide. Then the offers from advertisers will rain down and I'm sure there will be some attempts to purchase from you.

In a medium as fast as the Internet, where information competes to seduce the user, few things are as important as visibility. The reason is simple: the traffic that has a web page will depend on its ability to reach a target audience, and the latter will depend on which and how many advertisers, investors or partners decide for it.

One of the most powerful measuring tools is Alexa, from the American company Amazon, and we will give you a look. It is a huge ocean, the network, and to help you float there are position evaluators or rankings that act as digital coach, offering a valuable insight regarding the effectiveness of the strategies used and the place that occupies the race for highlighting


The advantage of Alexa over other similar tools is that it offers a very complete estimate of how popular your website is, depending on the traffic you have but also the other sites that come to it. Through the implementation of a toolbar that allows you to consult all your measurements, Alexa also collects comparative analytical data that allows you to then form a relative scale of values, that is, a ranking.

This is already a first advantage: it is not enough to count the visits received and draw up a comparative chart. The Alexa comparison is made up of an increasing flow of subscribers, as a kind of floating meter always up to date with the variations of the global traffic of visits.

On the other hand, the toolbar of Alexa contains functions of undeniable utility, such as search, able to show results for any web page from just entering your URL, so it is also a user tool to check pages web and establish trust patterns.

From the sample taken by the Toolbar , that huge amount of information is processed to rule out false traffic and other biases , and finally offer an in-depth statistical study: daily average of visitors, most visited pages in the last 3 months and, more importantly, rankings of web pages by niche of interest, by language and by country . It also offers the percentage of dropouts, the time spent on the page and an interpretative analysis aimed at a true overview of web visibility.

Although this method seems limited, since Alexa receives information only from those who install the Toolbar, it must also be said that it is a system in frank growth and one of the most reviewed tools in the world of on-line indicators. Losing it would be foolish.



For a while I recognize that I became obsessed by looking each day at what position my page occupied. Interestingly I discovered that if I did not update my blog I lost positions. The more you update your blog the more you go up (in this case going down, being 1 the most important position in the ranking), so if you are writing every 2 or 3 days you will see that you are improving. It is also true that the higher you are in the ranking, the more you have to update. It represents that if you are up there you are competing with real monsters on the internet, websites that update daily and even more than once. Also, do not expect to see large position jumps on a daily basis because it usually does not happen.


One of the factors that take into account the Alexa ranking is the number of links that point to your website. For this reason it is important that you devote part of your time to exchange links with other pages. Of course, try that the links are of the highest possible quality.


The comments on most blogging platforms become links, which is a good reason to comment on other people's blogs. This is also good for the blogosphere because those who write on blogs always appreciate that we comment on the articles.

Of course, it is not about leaving silly comments as many people do : it is about leaving comments on articles that you have read completely, that have contributed something and that are part of the blogs that you usually visit on a regular basis.


If you write regularly, do links and leave comments on other websites you will see that little by little you will get more traffic. If you also share your content on social networks you will get extra traffic, because this way of promoting your articles viralizes a lot.


If you register your website in rankings, in specific directories (not the typical link directories) and in news aggregators you will get new links pointing to your website. If your goal is that your website is known, you must be on all of these sites.

As you can see, improving the position in the Alexa ranking has a lot to do with SEO. In fact, there are those who use it as an indicator tool for positioning a website and as a guide to the popularity of it. Some people do not give importance to Alexa ranking because it does not show accurate statistics and do not see much use.

In any case, it will always serve as a further reference that we are doing things well.